Real estate and investment problems are something everybody needs to deal with when selling or buying property. Rarely anyone is ready or willing to spend the needed amount of time dealing with all the specifics, the paperwork, research, contacts, and other stuff they say i want to sell my house new jersey.

It is for this reason people often turn to agents or realtors, hoping they can count on that person to deal with all of the responsibility and give them the best possible deal available. But, what people do not realize is that there is actually a much better option for doing this.

Probably the best solution for your troubles of i want to sell my house new jersey, is to become a part of a real estate investing group, where you can present the estate you are selling or interested in buying, and get all the available info and estimates you want.

Raritan Valley Holdings LLC

We offer you the best real estate solutions, whether you are a seller, buyer, or an investor. In working with us, you will have all the help available in achieving your goal. Whether you are selling your property, looking to purchase, or simply investing in it with plans of reselling it, we can provide you with in-depth info you can’t find anywhere else and also give you the best deals available.

Raritan Valley Holdings has earned to be amongst Bedminster’s top real estate investing groups because our passion lies in improving the quality of our NJ community and helping people reach their dreams. We answer to i want to sell my house new jersey.

We are specialized in buying many types of distressed properties:

• Commercial

• Multi-family

• Single family

• Retail

• Bank REO’s

• Sellers who need to sell fast

Basically, we help everyone who doesn’t want to go through the traditional real estate agent route, and is looking for a better deal.

The benefits of dealing with an investment group like us:

Since we are always present on the market and have an already strong buyer/seller list, we always secure any discounted estate we come across when i want to sell my house new jersey, and because of that we always have many distressed single family properties in the Bedminster NJ area. Furthermore, because of our marketing programs we often fix up investment property deals right here in Bedminster. These deals are something traditional agents can never achieve or offer.
If you are interested in getting in to out VIP Property Deals list, you will have the opportunity to get all those discounted deals and savings passed to you, whether you are a buyer, seller, or an investor.

In closing our deals, we take pride in being able to close fast. We give our fair cash estimates within 3 days and we are able to close in 7. It is in everybody’s interest not to waste time and wait for the bank to come through.

The best parts of working with us are:

No Fees

Quick closing (7 days)

We purchase homes in AS-IS conditions, no need for you to repair

We close at a 3rd party company, either chosen by us or you

What we are looking for ideally

Residential houses we are interested in are ideally with 3 – 5 bedrooms and 2 or more bathrooms. The best part about our offer is that we do not hesitate to take homes that need heavy remodeling. We are experts in transforming old homes and renovating them, but we also purchase houses in good condition, for a fair price if i want to sell my house new jersey.

The best opportunity for sellers and buyers

Because of the constant expansion and maintenance our deals and offers list, we are looking in to all houses throughout the entire New Jersey area.

We have the ability to close in as quickly as 7 days, and if you are interested in hearing our estimate we can hit you with a cash offer in 72 hours, no hassle, no obligation.

If you are not in the mood for wasting time and you need a professional opinion, a fair estimate, and the best opportunity do not hesitate to call us!

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